Ethical Sourcing

Whenever you select any piece of jewelry from Karbon White you can be assured that all our diamonds and jewelry are sourced from reputed and trusted suppliers committed to operating at the highest professional and ethical standards.

Karbon White upholds a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. All diamonds used in our jewelry are procured under the Kimberly process from suppliers who function according to international compliance protocols with the strictest of internationally acclaimed certification systems. The Kimberly process is an international process established in 2003 which ensures that rough diamonds are bought from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. The Kimberly process stipulates that all rough diamonds should be

  1. Transported in a tamper-resistant container between Kimberly Process certificate scheme (KPCS) participant countries
  2. All shipments exported or imported should be accompanied with a government validated Kimberly process certificate
  3. All invoices come with a warrant (statement) from the seller guaranteeing that the diamonds being sold are conflict free