About us

Our Inspiration

Diamonds are composed of carbon, derived by primal natural phenomena after millions of years. We use diamonds to convey the depths of our expression. They serve as an enduring symbol of the harmony between the natural world and the world of love.

Our Mission

Karbon White is dedicated to empowering everyone to celebrate their love through access to natural, ethically-derived diamond jewelry. We are a family business, rooted in over 30 years of experience in the diamond trade. We recognize the deep connection between diamond jewelry and fullest expression of romance and love, and our diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and unique style.

Our Jewelry

All of our jewelry is inspired by nature and our designers ensure that all our products are unique and one of a kind. The diamonds are hand-set by our skilled artisans to give it a brilliant finish. Karbon White deals directly with fully compliant manufacturers, removing the role of the middlemen distributors, and we are therefore able to offer diamond jewelry at an accessible cost, 30-40% lower than other sources.